I can't really remember a time when I wasn't playing with bikes one way or another. My brother Dave built a series of recumbents and in 2002 I was alarmed to find him lapping me at a charity event at Goodwood...

I thought I was going ok on my upright road bike until then... That led to the purchase of a Kingcycle and then a Hurricane, although I still haven't managed to catch him yet!! We started competing in BHPC events in 2003 (well, Dave was competing and I was wobbling around at the back trying not to knock people off as they lapped me!). You'll still find me wobbling around towards the back of most BHPC events for as long as I can push the pedals around...

If you have any general enquiries you can contact me by phone on 07941 364182, by Private Message on the forum or by email using the form below.


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