This is a summary of the key changes that will be in place for BHPC‑organised race events during the COVID pandemic


  • All registration and payment for race entries (and camping) will take place online via the BHPC webshop (‑race‑sign‑on).
  • At online registration a contact phone number will need to be provided. This will be retained for a maximum of 21 days after the event and only for the purpose, if needed, of NHS Test and Trace.
  • Registration for race entries and camping will close at 12:00 midday on the Thursday before race day.
  • No entries will be taken on the day.
  • Refunds will only be provided for cancellations received prior to the closure of registration. Once registration has closed, refunds will only be given if the race event is cancelled.

On the Day

  • The Venue: We will abide by all the rules put in place by the individual venues.
  • Riders will need to come to registration area to verbally confirm their attendance and collect timing tags (if required).
  • Everybody attending is expected to abide by social distancing rules in accordance with government guidelines at the time of the event.
  • Only the race organisers will be allowed inside the cordoned‑off areas of the registration desk, timing equipment etc.

COVID‑specific race rules

  • No drafting is allowed. Riders should always keep their HPV at least 2 metres behind the rider in front, unless overtaking, which should be on a different ‘line’ at least 2m apart, and riders should avoid ‘cutting back’ in front of an overtaken rider until well in front of them. With fairness in mind this applies to all HPVs including fully enclosed velomobiles and streamliners.
  • At the beginning of criterium‑style races, riders will line up on the starting grid in previously assigned positions, which will be at least 2 metres apart. This will generally be based upon the historically fastest (or fastest‑starting) riders/HPVs placed towards the front of the grid to avoid clustering of riders jockeying for positions in the opening lap
  • No sharing of personal equipment (helmets, bottles, cycle shoes)
  • Any HPVs being handed over to another person for use must first be sprayed and wiped down with sanitiser.

 Championship points

We will be running a truncated BHPC Championship this year. Points gained from all 2020 BHPC race days (hopefully five in total) will be included for championship points.

IMPORTANT: Do not attend if you are experience any of the symptoms associated with coronavirus in the 14 days prior to the event.

Please email Chris Hamilton ( ) if you have any questions.